Below are photos of some of our Residential projects. Please click on the thumbnails to view the full images.



Weiner Residence


Project Details: Front Entry Addition with celestory dormer, 2 stair foyer, Alteration of existing mud room and misc alterations.

Designed By: Carol Kurth F.A.I.A


Holley Residence


Project Details: Whole house architectural alteration & 2nd floor addition, Hybrid post & beam roof overhang, new IPE deck, alteration of exisitng kitchen & bathrooms.

Designed By: Teo Siguenza, A.I.A



Berkowitz Residence


Project Details: Demolition of Existing cabin to main floor framing, Complete Architectural rebuilding w Extensions Natural & Non-toxic finishes.

Designed By: Teo Siguenza, A.I.A



Giles Residence


Project Details: Extension & Alteration of Existing Kitchen, Addition with new Diningroom Bedroom, Bathroom & Exercise Room.

Designed By: Steven Helmes, A.I.A



Alfrandre Residence


Project Details: 2nd Floor Addition, with Full House Interior Alterations and New Mahogany Deck

Designed By: Jeff Etalamaki, A.I.A



Seaman Residence


Project Details: Architectural Addition & alteration of exisiting Kitchen & DiningRoom Deign Build of new Deck.

Addition Designed By: Mark Winkleman, AIA

Kitchen & Deck Designed By: Lou Levy Construction